Come and wander through the country gardens of the Carbon Coalition farm. Pick yourself a fresh punnet of berries in season, feed the alpacas and visit our miniature horse “Miss Muffin”.

Spend your holiday right here overlooking the lake and hillside gardens in one of our quality rammed earth chalets. Relax on your private verandah and enjoy the lake view and amazing bird life, or in the winter months snuggle up by the cosy wood fire.

Our Gift Shoppe is loaded with great gift ideas and features farm-made berry jams, pickles and chutneys. Select from a range of beautiful lavender products made right here at the farm!

Indulge in some farm-style home cooking in the cafe. Our famous Berry Pancake is not to be missed! Light lunches are available and everything is made right here in our farm kitchen. Giant warm scones and muffins with our own berry jam –  and we even have berry and lavender ice cream!

Come and find out why Carbon Coalition Farm is not to be missed!

We are located on Browns Road in Pemberton, Western Australia – follow the signs!

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7 Tips For DIY Landscape Design

How Do I Design My Own Landscape?

In this article, we will tackle many different ideas on how you can design your own landscape plan. We will talk about apps that allow you to do this, we will talk about design principles that the pros use, and we will discuss ways to save money.

What Are The 7 Principles of Landscape Design?

Best practices and principles allow us to learn from the sweat equity and expertise of others. When it comes to landscape design, we are lucky that there are 7 principles of garden landscape design that most professional landscapers agree upon. The principles are not carved in stone, but they will help you organize your landscaping in a professional manner. The 7 principles are Simplicity, Variety, Balance, Emphasis, Sequence, Scale (Proportion), and Unity.

For people who have studied art or any other forms of design, they will see how fluid these best practices are with what is starting in many other aspects of design. Simplicity is important because having a busy garden disrupts the eye. Variety doesn’t mean that we ignore the objective of simplicity, it instead means that we have a myriad form, shapes and sizes in a matter that neatly fits the garden. Balance is all about visual weighting and visual representation. We need the plants and structures that we have to evenly flow and fit the terrain. Emphasis is all about what do we want to highlight without landscaping, what is important? A sequence is all about the order of things. Scale and proportion going back to art and design, but also back to balance will have a massive impact on the visuals and feel of the garden. It also takes into account other structures in the space such as houses and buildings, the impact that landscaping has on them, and the impact they have on landscaping options. Unity, it simply all needs to tell an amazing visual story that fits well together.

Is there An App for Landscape Design?

Would using a landscape and garden app help? Well, for many would-be DIY landscapers, and even for professionals, such apps do help them. There are many garden apps on the market, and some have amazing features. Some of the best aspects of these apps is the uploading of your yard space and being able to try out a variety of options that are composed of the 7 principles we talked about earlier. This is useful because before you spend any money, or plant a single plant, you will already have an idea of what is best for your space. It is well worth your time playing around in these apps because they will create the perfect blueprint for your design.

How Can I Landscape My Garden Cheaply?

Does it have to cost a fortune to landscape your yard? It doesn’t have to, and this is true whether you use a professional company, or if you manage everything on your own. Where can the money be saved? When it comes to hiring professionals, it all comes down to who you hire, how much you agree to pay them, and if they can get you any discounts on garden supplies, plants and flowers. Alternatively, you could go the DIY route and make two important choices: (1) DIY it by becoming your own contractor and just hiring people to do labour, but not the design work. (2) DIY your landscaping and you, your family and friends do all the work.

One cost always supplies. Shopping early and shopping around can help you find the very best deals. Some prefer perennials and annuals because over the long run they save money by either always remaining active in the garden, or by returning every year. You could consider this a form of garden equity where you spend money one time, do a little bit of work, do a tiny bit of maintenance and you are rewarded season after season.

What Are The 3 Parts of Landscape, and the 4 Elements?

We’ve thrown a few numbers and principles at you already, and this will be the last time we do it. In some circles, there is a concept called the 3 parts of the landscape. Like most of these principles, you can find them in other artistic and design mediums. The 3 parts are the background, midground and the foreground. These 3 parts can mean a lot to you, or very little. Why do we say this? We say this because it all depends on the land you have and the physical structures on that land. This concept is more important when there’s free space, a full view of the yard and home, and when the goal is to make everything look picture perfect.

The 4 elements are directly associated with the 3 parts, and they are Line, Form, Texture and Color. You can easily define the 4 elements with the 3 parts, and by balancing the natural lines of the property/home, by balancing the form, and choosing the right colours — You end up with a professional-looking well-landscaped garden/lawn/yard.

How Do You Landscape Around Your House?

Landscaping around your house only requires that you use the principles that we have already discussed. First, determine what your goals are. What are you trying to do? Is the goal the best landscape in your neighbourhood, do you want to add some life to your yard, are you after beauty, are you attempting to balance out features that do not work together. Jump on a landscape app, upload your pictures and play around. Pay attention to line, form, colour and balancing everything.

Putting It All Together!

Well, we have covered quite a bit, but this is just biting the surface. Ultimately, it all comes down to you. You will need to play around with various design ideas on paper, in your mind, and maybe in a landscape app. You might need to head to a garden supply shop and look at a variety of flowers and visualize how they will look in your yard. The most important thing to realize is that you can do it. Although landscaping is work, it is not such hard work that the average person cannot do it. The average person can do it.

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Garden Maintenance

How do I make my garden low maintenance?

The first thing to do would be to not have that many plant variations. It would be advisable to just have two or maybe three types of plants in there. Imagine having too many types of plants which would mean you would need to research on having to take care of each one. The second would be to make sure to spend a lot of time in your garden when it matters the most. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your garden as you are going to regret that decision. The third would be to take advantage of the recent advancements in technology and let it do all the work for you.

Photograph of lawn mower on lash green grass


How do you maintain a landscape garden?

It is important to keep it in great shape all the time. That includes fertilizing, pruning, and watering all the plants in the garden. It may take a few hours of your time but it is going to be worth it once you observe that you did a great job in maintaining it.

How much does garden maintenance cost UK?

It would depend on several factors such as the size of the garden and the scope of work that will be done by the gardener. Typically, you can expect to pay $15 to $20 an hour for garden maintenance. That is actually a low rate for what you would expect the gardener to do since the person will be under the sun for several hours. It is not something a lot of people would even think of doing so they would rather just sit back and relax and let someone else do the dirty work.,

What is included in landscaping maintenance?

A lot of services are included in landscaping maintenance which is why it could take several hours. Some of the services include trimming the lawn, removing the leaves, controlling the pests, and possibly a lot more that may be specified by the gardener

How do you start a garden for beginners?

Beginners won’t have an easy time starting a garden. The first thing to remember would be to consider containers as that would be a great way to start watering your plants. It will make you less nervous other than to let it stay right on the ground right away. Second, it would be a great idea for beginners to have a great type of soil. Better not start with soil that does not seem right or it may not be what you are looking for. Another thing to remember for beginners would be to choose the best plants.

How can I landscape my garden cheaply?

The first thing to do would be to avoid hiring a gardener to do it for you. You can look it up on the Internet and just do it step by step. However, you will most likely spend a lot of time learning how to do gardening chores but you will be able to save money in the process.

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