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Very well presented

March 2012

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About Your Presenters

In the era of being 'time poor', it’s inconvenient that the Government has put out many new incentives to start a whole new Agricultural Industry called 'Carbon Farming'. This is an area with all new language, all new rules. AND lots of funding rounds! 

Question: - How do you find the time to become well informed about 'carbon farming' and the 'Carbon Farming Initiative', so you can make decisions around engaging? 

Answer: Enrol at an upcoming Webinar right now! We have over 3 years teaching experience in this area, and have been involved since the very inception in carbon farming and the Agricultural Carbon Trade

We have developed 4 great, 1.5 hour webinars to take you from 'what the heck?' to 'ah, now I understand'. The Webinars are timed so you can get your work done, come inside, crack a cold one and take in the knowledge we have gained over 8 hard years! No need to leave home, or even comb your hair!

101 Series

Cost: $55 per session or enrol in all 4 for $200.
Start: 4pm.

Places are limited, so please remember to book early to secure your place!

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21-Feb-2013  Series 101 - 4 sessions

Advanced Sessions

Cost: $75 per session
Start: 4pm.

Places are limited, so please remember to book early to secure your place!

Each session runs for 1.5 hours. Advanced sessions require prior knowledge of Sessions 1 to 4 will be assumed in these two sessions. 

Now come the decisions about HOW to go about putting a project in on your farm. Will you do all the compliance/admin yourself, or engage someone.

Carbon Farmers of Australia has achieved their Australian Financial Services Licence to be able to bring to you this advanced knowledge.

TBA  Advanced Session 1: Putting a Carbon Farming Initiative Project into Reality

What is important now is to decide if you will do this alone, join a group and/or have 'carbon trading' as an enterprise, not just a project on your property.

TBA  Advanced Session 2: "Understand and be knowledgeable about carbon emissions Markets"

Can't find the time to attend this first round? - Never fear, just subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed of the next round, or view the Webinar On Demand.

Webinars On Demand

Can't make the webinar session? With our Webinars on Demand service you can watch them at your leisure. Following a preview of the webinar you will be prompted to purchase a ticket - different options are available. You can also re-watch any attended webinars here.