New PM, New method, New auction -YAY, we keep our minister!

Thursday, September 24, 2015
YAY, we kept our minister! Wow, now there was a week! Some danger, but wins for Land Sector as well:

• Go to bed with one PM, wake up with another!
FACT: Did you know- Malcolm Turnbull lost his leadership the first time because he was supporting the first Aust. Climate change policy? We now have reason for great hope. Here is a piece I recorded for the ABC earlier last week on the topic while in QLD click here to listen

• BIG win to keep our minister, who is a fan of the Land Sector and ‘gets it’ about our role. Turnbull is also a Land Manager. We must continue to lobby hard for improvements in our carbon farming methods. We have stiff competition from NON land sector. Qantas, Woolworths, State Departments now all bidding! Don' t let them get all the money!!

Meanwhile, ‘back at the ranch’, the registrations deadline for the next ERF auction are now past - But that's OK – there will potentially be another one in March/April of next year, and then after that, maybe a trading situation?

• In this regard we have assisted a transport company, a regional council and a QLD farmer beset by drought to have potential to be part of the solution under a potential ERF bid, or direct Marketing. But a project can be registered any time. Ask me how! It's a low risk entry strategy.

However, its now obvious we need to assist smaller players. Carbon Trading favours the ‘big parcels’ of land or carbon. Now we have competition from the NON land sector its even more important to ensure Carbon Trading has a benefit for a wide range of land based people.
We’ve been encouraging others to form 'aggregations', but due to some constant requests (as Malcolm put it) we are investigating our own ‘aggregation’ model. This would enable us to ‘band together’ like minded farms, with similar methods into a single bid - OR to have a Marketing model to offer to others.

Finally, there is A new beef herd management method available, which has potential to ‘smooth’ cash flow for beef producers doing a soil carbon or other sequestration method. It will reward those who can reduce the ‘carbon intensity’ of their beef herd – ie methane per kg beef produced .
So, for example, if you are improving soil carbon, producing more biomass above and below ground, AND your beef herd is finishing earlier as a result, you can earn a carbon credit for the reduction in methane.

Let me know if you’d like to be part of an ‘aggregation’ with Carbon Farmers of Australia, and I’ll be getting more information out as things shape up.

As usual, you know where to contact me on 02 6374 0329!



2030 Targets announced! ERF gets additional $2.4bill.

Friday, August 14, 2015
Hey there - Gosh, the news just keeps on coming. Due to the big Paris conference coming up in December, many countries are getting ready to take part and Australia needed to come up with its post 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets as we prepare to be part of the negotiations.

No matter what your views on climate change, this market IS going to develop and for the Land Sector not to disappear in favour of big companies we need to engage.

So, our new target is 26-28% reduction on 2005 levels by 2030.

There is not a lot of detail, except that Minister Hunt HAS said on the 7.30 report that the Government will be looking at $2.4billion in Addition to current levels over the 12 years from 2018 to 2030. So we just got more funding!

Let us not, just at the minute look at the elephant in the room - which would be - "If its going to take $2.4billion to achieve a 5% reduction (the current target and funding) , how will it only take $2.4 billion to achieve the higher target over a longer time period" As I always say about politicans 'we love youse all' as we work with what we are so graciously given!

Meantime, jump onto the webinars - get yourself in the race for a slice of this CURRENT round. It takes time to get your project organised, so now is the time.


Webinar One: Monday August 17th: 12 noon. - 1.15pm “Direct Action and the Emissions Reduction Fund- How does it all work? ”

Webinar Two: Wednesday 19th August 12 noon - 1.15pm.
“Which ERF method is best for me? - Choosing a method to enable participation in the Emissions Reduction Fund”

Webinar Three: Friday August 21st. 12 noon - 1.15pm.
“Apply to register a project Under the Emissions Reduction Fund - Application requirements, time lines”

Cost: $55 per webinar. OR 3 Webinars for $150.

REGISTER HERE NOW to secure your place.
SEE you then!

If you'd like an opinion on which methods you may be able to take part in, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone on 02 6374 0329.


Bingo! Emissions Reduction Fund: NEXT AUCTION DATE ANNOUNCED

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As predicted here, and hinted at conference, the next round of the Emissions Reduction Fund is upon us! 

The actual auction will be held on the 4th and 5th of November. Don't forget however, that it takes time to put in your application for a project. AND to have it approved. 

The last date for projects to be submitted in full is the 18th September. That is a complete application, ready to be assessed. (Sometimes it takes a while from the first application to the final one). 

Just a quick reminder that for Landholders, potential project include: 

  1. Emissions reductions from the beef herd, and from improving fuel efficiency in mobile and stationary equipment. This includes tractors, trucks, irrigation pumps etc. There are specific emissions reduction opportunities for those with an irrigated cotton enterprise as well.
  2. Sequestration (or storage of carbon) in both trees and soils. There are a number of available methods for tree sequestration and two for soils.

$250 Million flowing into Western NSW doesn't have to be the end of the story. Your region can benefit as well - but to have your chance at a Government Guaranteed (yes, even if the Government changes) contract at a known price for the next 5-10 years, you have to engage.

We know not everyone could make it to the conference. So, we've decided to mount 3 one hour webinars to help get you up to speed. AND in time to then get your application in.


Webinar One: Monday August 17th: 12 noon. - 1.15pm
“Direct Action and the Emissions Reduction Fund- How does it all work?” 

Webinar Two: Wednesday 19th August 12 noon - 1.15pm.
“Which ERF method is best for me? - Choosing a method to enable participation in the Emissions Reduction Fund” 

Webinar Three: Friday August 21st. 12 noon - 1.15pm.
“Apply to register a project Under the Emissions Reduction Fund - Application requirements, time lines” 

Cost: $55 per webinar. OR 3 Webinars for $150

REGISTER HERE NOW to secure your place. 

See you then! 

If you'd like an opinion on which methods you may be able to take part in, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone on 02 6374 0329. 


NOW, get your projects registered!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
And so it came to pass. We did indeed deliver another great conference, with many comments about how the atmosphere has changed. No longer is trade in the future, its now.

As the Land Sector rises to its full potential for climate mitigation, surely there will come world wide understanding of the role we must play.

Meanwhile, as promised we explored the potentials for the next round of the Emissions Reduction Fund. What methods are available, and we even had the first figures from soil testing done in Qld.

Our Carbon Cocky awards recognised some amazing new people and enterprises as well. To see the finalists and winners click here

But, as explained, this is NOT a grant scheme and if you want to even 'have a go' at gaining a guaranteed Government Contract at a known price for 7-10 years, you need to plan your project and get it registered NOW. Just the approval process can take 90 days!

To this end, we are out and about helping people understand WHICH methods might suit them, taking the whole of farm carbon audit approach.

This is obligation free, as a high level assessment, but remember a couple of things:

1. If you are small it will only be cost effective to manage it yourself. Or join with a group.

2. The process takes time. You need to start planning now.

Slides from our excellent speakers can be seen here as pdf's.

If you'd like an opinion on which methods you may be able to take part in, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone on 02 6374 0329.




Monday, July 06, 2015
Good Morning!

On this wonderfully cool, clear morning, with the sun shining through the window, grab a cup of tea, sit quietly for 5 minutes, and lets imagine something:

  • There is a group of farmers, joined either in an NRM group, a soils group, landcare OR clients of perhaps a sheep or cattle stud. Like minded people. 
  • The leaders of the group realise that agriculture has a pivotal role to take in sequestration and emissions reductions. Climate Smart Agriculture is the future.
  • So, they decide to learn about the ERF - engage with a $2.55 billion fund for now AND for what will come in the future. They do this over a 2 day conference with all experts assembled, and are now in a position to move forward. To the future.
  • They decide to ask WHO in the group would like to take part in a Whole of Farm Carbon Audit - Which will show WHICH methods they could take part in - From Planting trees to Soil Carbon and emissions reductions. 
  • The size of group means they could have a very decent bid into the ERF, can take advantage of economies of scale, and secure an added income for the Group or for Marketing 'carbon credited' wool, beef, or other products. For up to 10 years.
  • As the group implement the projects, their soils improve, they provide more shade and shelter for stock and to prevent erosion, and they improve their diesel and other efficiencies. Cost efficiencies. 
  • They are also able to satisfy the growing consumer demand for transparency and welfare for food and fibre. A marketing edge. Helping clients help the climate
  • Win/win/win. Environmental, economic,social. This is why we believe in it. 

So, don’t think of this as just a one – off Yes, Government policy may come and go but this is a world wide issue and agriculture is integral to the solution. OUR reduction targets can only GO UP. The framework WILL remain -

Preparations for the conference are in place - for another great gathering of minds and education you can't get anywhere else! We are still taking registrations as we know farmers don't make decisions before they know what the weather will be next week!

You know the rest - Pick up the phone 02 6374 0329 and




Monday, June 29, 2015

Did you catch the media interest in climate change over last week? - It really does seem that this Government will need to take a bigger emissions reduction target to Paris, and beyond. 

This signals an on-going place for the LandSector. We certainly favour a market mechanism to be in place after the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). 

There is resistance to this push for greater action within some in the Liberal Party and there is a call for a Inquiry into Climate Science. This would lead to delay at the very least.

As a result, some active Farmers have come forward to push for higher targets in regards to climate action. I have signed an open letter to the Liberal Party gathering to reject this notion. I urge you to sign it as well. See here 

ONLY sequestration in trees and soil take the existing carbon from the air and store it safely - improving productivity while they do so. Emissions reductions are important, but its the CO2 in the air from the last 80 years which is causing the damage. AND Farmers control 65% of the land mass!

But, we have treated the soil like dirt. Now is the time to give it back what it needs. 

As Michael wrote so long ago in song when he was inspired: “The Land needs a Lover whose loving convinces it to stay”. NO soil, no future. 

We believe the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is an immediate incentive to get started , and that more incentives will come. The prize with the ERF is a Government contract which can help to pay for efficiencies and other things.

We have a couple of complimentary polices to help with costs as well.

1.Green Army - We’ll talk about how you could get Green Army help to plant trees, do fencing etc. 

2.Immediate write off for fencing and other infrastructure. 

BTW - Michael will be giving the talk on OTHER Markets - How to sell Carbon Credits OUTSIDE of the ERF. We have 25 years experience in DIRECT Marketing. Its how we raised $100K to feed our sheep in the drought. He will take you through “Adopt a Farmer Fighting Greenhouse” concept and “Carbon Credited” wool /beef or other commodity.

You know the rest - Pick up the phone 02 6374 0329 and 




Thursday, June 25, 2015
Good Morning!

Lets be real - this is new and complex at first. You may well want to partner with a Carbon Advisor - A service provider who will assist you to navigate the complexity - often with a business model which ensures they have ‘skin’ in the game. Or negotiate your own way of partnership.


Well, Here’s the first 10 questions to ask - Bring these to the conference with you, ask everyone from the Department, to the Administrator to the Speakers, develop more questions as you are there and finish off your education at the Advanced Workshop -

After which, you will have the information you know to move to A PROJECT if you wish. AND the know how of how to enter the Governments reverse auction if you wish.

10 QUESTIONS To ask a ‘Carbon Advisor’.

1. I’ve heard there are a number of Land Sector methods I could use. How do you approach looking at my farm operation? (Basically: Are you a ‘method’ specialist or do you work with more than one method?)

2. Do you advise on what activities I can do under each method you work within?

3. Will you do a cost/benefit estimate? (So you can do a GM analysis on the carbon enterprise).

4. Are you a ‘one stop shop’ or do I need other advisors if so, who? – lawyer, auditor, etc

5. How many years income is there for me? What happens after the contract finishes?

6. Do you take care of all the administration details? What are my up-front costs?

7. How do you get paid? What is the business structure between us?

8. Do you work in Rural and Regional Australia? Will you come to me?

9. Have you any experience in a Carbon Project - CFI/ERF or other? (that doesn’t rule a company out of course)

10. Does your company hold an Australian Financial Services Licence? - This is NOT required in all circumstances, but good to know!


This conference is good timing for you to hear from expert speakers and exhibitors, who will help you understand the process!! You can get more information and register online

You know the rest - Pick up the phone 02 6374 0329 and



Whats a 5-10 year Government guaranteed contract with a set price worth to you?

Monday, June 22, 2015
Good Morning! I travelled to Melbourne last week, to attend the 'ERF information' sessions given by the Carbon Market Institute, under the auspices of the Clean Energy Regulator and the Department of the Environment (meet all of them at the conference!).

I wanted to make sure my information about the ERF was completely up to date. The meeting confirmed that I'm not dreaming - The mood in the room was definitely that we need to engage with the next round of the ERF to maintain any advantage - WHY? Let me count the ways:

1. The $2.55billion is finite at the moment. As in, no more. $660 million has already been spent!

2. A Senior climate change lawyer with Norton Rose has no doubt Government contracts signed under the ERF will be honoured. If you get a 10 year contract, you know what you've got for the next 10 years! These contracts have drought-proofed Western NSW for the next 10 years.

Is that worth investigating? NOW that is definitely worth investigating!!!

2. The next ERF auction 'most likely' to happen before the end of the year. No guarantee on timing for rounds after that - there may be another $660 Million in this round, or more!

So, Once you make an ‘educated guess’ that there WILL be one more auction before the end of the year, you arrive at around a Mid- Late November – much past that you run into all sorts of ‘end of year’ issues!

Given that, the indicative time line as developed by the Carbon Market Institute and unveiled at the information sessions confirms that it take 3- 4 months from Project Planning to putting in a bid to the auction.

You can see there is NO TIME TO WASTE!

But to find out exactly how to proceed you SHOULD REGISTER FOR THE NATIONAL CARBON FARMING CONFERENCE in Albury 7-10 July.

This conference is good timing for you to hear from expert speakers and exhibitors, who will help you understand the process!! You can get more information and register online
Don't forget to pick up the phone for a chat whenever you feel like it - 02 6374 0329


3 Weeks to go! Program announced. Still the only thorough education around!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Hi Everyone - So, it takes a while to assemble the best of the best to inform and educate everyone.

Now its ready. Please find the program here. No where else is the creme de la creme of the carbon world gathered in Rural Australia. We are grateful to the speakers for giving us their time.

Just ask yourself - Where else do I go to learn about this - just in case I might want to take part? What if the next round of the ERF is announced next week - how do I engage?

My creme de la creme includes Peter Castellas, who is the CEO of The Carbon Market Institute and is just back from an overseas trip - he has ALL the latest on what is going on with the other big polluting countries, and he says he's excited by what is happening. The Paris talks are looking more promising than the others for a Global Agreement.

But wait, there's more! So I'm onto the Field 1/2 day program - Let me give you a taste.

We will be going to a great property about 20 minutes out of Albury. Run by the Taylors, originally of Pooginook fame, this is an excellent example of a Carbon Farm. We'll hear about how the Taylors are bringing it back - Our tour will include a visit to their Natural Sequence Farming Site - designed by Peter Andrews - I can't wait to see that. We'll also have a look at their CFI/ERF Tree plantings - an example of 'going it alone' on a smaller site.

However, it doesn't stop there -

We'll be showing you HOW the soil carbon testing under the approved method is carried out on the ground - With Dr Thakur Bhattarai - Ask questions.

AND a brand new Soil Renovator Machine. This machine is turning heads, I can assure you - and we'll hear the famous Dr Maarten Stapper talk about its potential.

Both of the above gentleman will expand on these topics at the conference

So much to look forward to! It's going to be great.

Don't forget to pick up the phone for a chat whenever you feel like it - 02 6374 0329


Farmers of Australia, start building your carbon plan... now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
from Carbon Farmers of Australia
As you know, CARBON CREDITS are a hot topic of conversation with Farmers all over Australia. 

We know you are keen to learn how to access a share of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) $2.55 billion put on the table by the Federal Government.
This is not Grant money.
It has to be earnt…. and $250 million has already been distributed to the Land Sector through the 1st ERF Auction"!

The pathway to gaining this new income stream sounds complicated….however, there are many options now available!!
All will be explained in detail by the expert Speakers and Exhibitors at the 2 Day Carbon Farming Conference Wednesday and Thursday 8th and 9th July, which is just part of the 4 day National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo in Albury.

This Conference is NO talk fest…. and practical information will be delivered in ‘Plain English’.
It is designed for delegates to be able to ACT on the information they receive - in time for the next round of the ERF!
It keeps Landholders and their advisers and product providers up to date with the very latest information about CARBON TRADING.
For your convenience, Louisa and Michael Kiely, Directors of Carbon Farmers of Australia, have used their experience and knowledge to gather the most practical and expert speakers in Australia all under the one roof at the same time!
At the Carbon Farming Conference & Expo this year Delegates will learn about all the NEW METHODS available through the Government’s DIRECT ACTION, hear case study presentations by early adopters who have earnt BIG DOLLARS to drought-proof their properties …..and most importantly talk to the many Project Developers on hand who can guide Farmers through the process of deciding the Method/s they should use when registering a Project for CARBON CREDITS.
Earning CARBON CREDITS is no longer just about Soil and/or Trees.
In a Carbon Farming first our Delegates this year will learn how a ‘Whole of Farm Audit’ will identify MULTIPLE METHODS for Farmers to use.
eg Soil Carbon, Finishing Beef Earlier, Feed Supplement, Mobile Farm Machinery, Stationary Pumps, Trees (do not discount them - plant them, save them, use the Government’s One Million Trees and GREEN ARMY program) … just to name a few!!
There are now so many new opportunities for the Land Sector to earn CARBON CREDITS over the next 10 to 15 years and drought-proof their properties…BUT there are also so many more competitors in this space….. including BIG companies who will gain access to the ERF by reducing their Emissions.

It is important that all landholders in Australia attend this informative Conference, which will update them on the many new opportunities available to them now… to build their CARBON CREDIT BANK and directly selling their own Carbon Credits to polluters or putting a bid into the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Auction.
The 2nd ERF Auction is anticipated to be held later this year. Farmers should be working closely with Project Developers or their local Landcare Group or other Natural Resource Management Groups, getting their advice, preparing their Projects and using group buying power to get the best deals.
Farmers and other Delegates should visit the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo website and register ONLINE to attend any or all of the following:
• The 2 Day Conference • The Field Trip (See AMAZING NEW Carbon Farming Machinery)
• Carbon Farming 101 Workshop (Back to Basics) • Carbon Cocky Awards Gala Dinner
• Advanced Industry Workshop • Transport Emissions Reduction Workshop.
You can register here -----

saving them an extra $50 off their 2-day Conference ticket.

Local Land Services (LLS), Landcare, Catchment Management Authority (CMA) or other Natural Resource Management (NRM) Groups
We are really excited about the opportunities for Farmers this year.
Don't miss out – this Conference provides learning opportunities provided nowhere else! Please don't hesitate to call us anytime with any queries. Louisa on 02 6374 0329. AND Jan on 02 6882 1425.