Carbon Farming Conference carbon neutral thanks to Carbon Trade Exchange

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Carbon Trade Exchange today announced the commitment to offset the footprint of Australia’s fifth annual Carbon Farming Conference in Dubbo, 27-29 Sept.

The entire event will be offset for the full three days, this will include all travel for the conference speakers to and from the event, the electricity, as well as the on-site event set up and bump out. All delegates and sponsors will be responsible for their own carbon footprint.

The land-based offset credits will be purchased from India where the credit is derived from sugar cane waste in the form of biomass used to generate energy.

Louisa Kiely, Director for the Carbon Farming Conference said “This is a demonstration of how farmers will be able to benefit from generating and then selling carbon credits. At the moment these credits are only available for sourcing overseas, however the recently passed Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) provides the framework for carbon credits to be derived in Australia and the benefits will go straight back to Australian farmers”.

Ben Stuart, Director of Carbon Trading said “We fully support the CFI in Australia and wanted to show farmers what it could mean for them by participating in this market. Through the process of offsetting of an event we can show how land-based projects, that generate carbon credits, can make money. Businesses will be able to buy CFI credits in Australia to offset their own carbon footprint and count towards their overall emissions reductions with the money generated going back in to the Australian farming community”.

EcoView will be responsible for the footprint measurement using CarbonView. Fadi Geha, Managing Director of EcoView said “we are delighted to work with the Carbon Trade Exchange and the Carbon Farming Conference to assist with the measurement of this event. Offsetting events is a great way to highlight the value of how offsets can play an integral role in assisting Australian farmers to participate in the low carbon economy”.

Carbon offset credits are produced by projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are made available by companies like the Carbon Trade Exchange to purchase under compliance requirements or voluntary purposes. A carbon offset credit is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide removed from the planet’s atmosphere. The money paid for each credit goes to funding either abatement or sequestration projects.

About Carbon Trade Exchange

Carbon Trade Exchange is a global carbon credit trading exchange. The exchange enables carbon buyers and sellers from around the world to trade most major voluntary carbon standards in an extremely efficient, end-to-end electronic process. The Carbon Trade Exchange is the world’s first web based electronic platform for Voluntary Carbon Credits (VERs) and international offset credits (Certified Emission Reductions or CERs).

Carbon Trade Exchange operates from offices in Australia, London and New York. They have a dynamic and highly experienced management team supported by a global board of Directors, led by founder and CEO Wayne Sharpe.

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