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On a difficult subject the overall view and content were excellent

Warialda NSW
June 2010

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The Carbon Farming & Trading Association provides Growers and others with a voice with government and business. It aims to protect the interests of the industry and its members.

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The Carbon Farming & Trading Association was formed to give carbon farmers a voice. For 5 years the Carbon Coalition has campaigned for the rights of farmers to grow and trade soil carbon safely and ethically. In that time Government has shifted its position away from a very negative policy – farmers were to pay for all animal and fertiliser-based emissions with no access to soil carbon credits – to a very positive policy where soil carbon offsets are government and opposition policy and reductions in methane and nitrogen emissions are to be rewarded rather than enforced. We are close to success but many obstacles remain in the way and need a dedicated voice keeping Government honest in delivering the promise. The time has come for it to become a registered association. Scientists like Tim Flannery, the Wentworth Group, Professor Rattan Lal and the CSIRO’s Michael Battaglia agree that sequestration in soil and vegetation on a grand scale is essential to avoiding the worst effects of Global Warming as we transition to new energy sources for baseload supply. If this is so, farmers have more leverage in this commodity market than any other and can be price-makers rather than price takers, their usual role.


The Carbon Farming & Trading Association offers the following benefits for members: 

  1. Lobbying for members’ access to carbon markets through a range of offsets, including soil carbon, methane, nitrogen emissions and others. 
  2. Advice on contracts, risks and likely returns. 
  3. Education and training to maximise the business opportunities and assist in risk management in trading. 
  4. An On-line Library offering access to deep resources of information on carbon farming. 
  5. Regular newsletter –Carbon Farming News – to alert members to opportunities. 
  6. A magazine – The Carbon Farmer – with articles written by members working at the frontier of Carbon Farming.
  7. Conferences and seminars. 
  8. Ethical trading services – Soil Carbon Baselining, Aggregation, Sub-Aggregation of Small Holdings and Brokerage, with fees invested in Assocation services, and retiring credits on first transaction to avoid exploitative on-selling.

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